Ocean fishing 百一匹鯵

I was super fortunate to get out twice this week, starting with a Mountain climb and finishing with ocean fishing 😬


In Japan, Ive gone fishing plenty of times, but Thursday was my first experience renting a boat 

We woke up before 4 am to arrive shortly after 6, so the sun had just rose when we left the docks. Actually we could see a faded Mount Fuji over the water, surrounded by orange sky.


ソーセージ/巻き卵/Asahi 弁当

Sausage/egg/Asahi bento 🍻

It was just us and one other super kind fisherman. 


Fish fish fish 


Mairu was pulling up up to six in one cast and my most numerous was 4.

My happy face 😆


By the time we got back we had caught exactly 101 Aji!! 


Before leaving the dock, our captain gave us a bucket and started using a pole to pull off wakame(seaweed) from the bottom of the boat to take home and eat. 


It can be eaten as is,or hung to dry.


Saying goodbye to the fisherman and also the captains lovely wife- I seriously love them! 



After cleaning up we were just a short drive away to onsen.

Despite having all the fish in the trunk we still sat down after onsen and had lunch overlooking the ocean before the drive back to Tokyo. 


Included was all-you-can-grill shellfish… 


😂^you can’t tell but I think I’m smiling?😂


Got home and started trying to process all the fish right away.  I helped some before Mairu sent me to take a nap(I could barely keep my eyes open while using a knife 😅) 



I was awoken just in time for Nambanzuke!! Mairu your the best!

My freezer is full of fish now and will probably take me a month to eat. I think this needs to be a monthly thing from now on!! 




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