Peace and Party

Yea… so I never made it to school Friday…. I really tried though! I got up and ate every content in my fridge-which was equivalent to 3 meals I’d say- started my makeup then with a pounding head (two day hangover?!) I went back to sleep. I woke up and finished my wolf piece though so taking one more holiday was worth it!! 

Then, Saturday night pub crawl was fun as always! 

Those two crazy cats on the front are my lovely coworkers… (love my job)

Me holding a beer bong for an upside down Australian bloke… (love my job) 

Two of my other fantastic coworkers on the left and right to me and beer bonger… (love my job)

And last these two nice guys from Iceland (!) and England (love my job!) 

It’s so awesome meeting so many people from all around the world every weekend, pouring tequila into their mouths and then keeping them safe from traffic. You all rock my socks. ❤️

SUNDAY was a total change of pace and me and Mairu finally went to onsen and ganban Yoku in the morning!!

It was an afterthought to take some quick pictures, so if you’ve never been to onsen… 

You gotta take your shoes off RIGHT away! Don’t let your shoe touch the wood and don’t let your sock touch the stone! Don’t fall! Store shoes in one of the hundreds of lockers…

There are always shelves lined with snacks around where you check in-dried seaweed bites and fish smashed and dried into crackers… 😍

 The restaurant area ison the right- the whole facility is massive though- On two floors there are all types of shops (clothing, crystal and tea) a hair dresser (?) multiple massage areas, UFO catcher, pachinko ( like plinko from the price is right but played like a slot machine) smoking areas ( in the smoking area there is a leg massager you can sit in and smoke at the same time 😂) a library and multiple rest areas. This is aside from the onsen and gan ban Yoku area of course. Which I will go into more detail about another day. Anyways, everyone is in matching pjs and barefeet and hanging out and lots of people are drinking. I think this must be my happy place- I Love it!!!

We spent nine hours bathing and sweating and eating and working/studying. 

I just wanted to post this picture to point out the umbrella stand behind me. It’s for LOCKING your umbrella in- and you take the key with you. 

AnyHoo〜 last week I started a journal as I want to practice lettering… 

No need to talk about today then!

Good night! 


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