Katsuura, baby! 

After spending a lot of time destroying my health and any hold I ever had on being an adult in December, I really enjoyed putting it back together in January. However, regathering the fragments of my life could only be done from places like my desk at school, or my table at home-leaving an ache in my heart for some movement. So, after declaring my studies caught up I did what’s natural and skipped class for two days to go fishing!

Leaving after my evening teaching shift we had our first cast around 1am. The sky was clear with stars (a few of them shooting!) and it was one of the warmest nights of the week sitting around 0 degrees. The water was stagnant though and we had no bites other than I pulled up a baby Aji. After a few hours of no luck we decided to bend our no drinking rule for January (25 days sober!) by limiting it to Tokyo only- we grabbed some wine ( and Nihon shu, and ume strongs) and headed for a half rest at our usual spot.

We woke up with headaches to a beautiful warm morning! (Tolerance is shot!)  We wasted no time to get to Matsube but I admit it took me until I downed a bottle of OJ to get my game face on.

To get to where we wanted to fish from we have to take a bit of a rough route which involves taking your shoes off if you want to keep them dry…


Coming back after checking if we can get around…

The answer was yes- if your into scaling rock walls 7 feet above the ocean…

Made it! And it was lovely…

The water was so clear- but we could see nothing but cute, illegal to catch and sell, and fatal to eat (if not cooked by a professional) Fugu around our bait.

So we packed up and decided to try one more spot…

On our way back- the tide had risen a few feet and where I am pictured above looking super carefree was a war zone for me on the way back. I was getting crashed up to my waist and I slipped more than once! My partner in crime was carrying pretty much all the weight however and still managed to move three times faster AND managed to stay a lot more dry than me…

Eeeeeeeekkk it was a bit chilly peeling off my sopping underpants.


I packed an excessive amount of clothes for one day and had something to wear for the last destination.

Which is where, with our weights in the water we watched the sun go down. And after a few more hours (and after loosing a total of four hooks to Fugu!) we packed up and headed home.

Even though we didn’t catch anything to eat it was sooo needed to get out of the city and feel some natural elements (even if they were beating me against a rock wall)

It’s a wonderful feeling to hit my bed hard this evening, and I don’t feel quite ready to pick up my pencil again tomorrow- but, yay! tomorrow is Friday!


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